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Are you ‘Psychic’ ?

Can anyone be psychic? The question is as confusing perhaps as asking if ‘everyone can sing’? But perhaps the second question can throw some light on the first, for some of us are apparently born with ‘perfect pitch’ and others less fortunate (the majority of us), have to learn how to train our voices in order to master the art of singing.


I think being ‘psychic’ is, for some people, something that they are aware of in childhood, for example being able to see, hear or sense  spirits or relatives that have passed. If those children are lucky enough to be in a family which understands and accepts such abilities, than a positive attitude can encourage them to appreciate their gift, whether or not they then choose to develop it as they mature.


And of course there are differing psychic abilities that we may be more prone to developing as an individual, for example, some people ‘see’ things (clairvoyance), others ‘hear’, (clairaudience) and some of us may ‘sense’, (clairsentinent ).


As a child, I was more susceptible to ‘knowing or sensing,’ what may happen and as I reached my teens and early 20’s, some poltergeist activities surrounding me confirmed that life was stranger than all my conventional schooling had taught me. My understanding grew; for it seemed that the energy which infuses the material world (which we are quite rightly taught to ground ourselves in as young saplings), is potently entwined within this materiality, and like the Tarot card the magician, one can tap into this energy source to ‘tune in’ or even perhaps to change the material world around us.


By attending a variety of private psychic development classes, I further developed any natural abilities I had, and went onto to teach others at actual academic institutions as a trained teacher, (yes, adult education used to fund psychic development classes, in the good old days!).


BUT and this is a big but (not related to the Kardashians), any such skill needs to be understood and used very wisely. It is akin to  learning to drive, one needs to exert caution and be aware of the potential power of one’s vehicle….(even if it is beginning to be an old banger with years of rust)….


I give tarot readings at Butterfly Tarot. I don’t know how the cards turn themselves out to reveal each individual’s  back/present/potential journey, but somehow they do…I also use astrology (you need your birth time within the hour), to further elucidate upon an individual’s potential path (career/travel/love), and to decipher what planets now ‘transiting’ one’s chart may reveal currently and potentially.  I also read palms (individual character traits) and lastly I am able to ‘tune into’ a person’s energy, useful for revealing relationships (he/she loves me or loves me not!) and how an individual might be handling life (or the other side!). I can also give aura clearings and sense where energy might be ‘stuck’.


My readings are conducted with good will and of course each client is free to ‘believe’ or not the potential information garnered through such sessions. As a ‘sensitive’ I am sensitive to others feelings and have had counselling training. I endeavour to make my sessions fun and entertaining!


I have taught psychic development classes for many years, and Butterfly Tarot will soon be embarking on such training for anyone who is interested. If you would like a session with me, please phone: 07469892202


Elana Lee