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Soul Plan numerology

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Soulplan is a channelled update of an ancient numerological system. Its roots lie in the Hebrew Gematria.

The discovery of DNA has shown that a code within us defines our physical bodies. There is also a code that defines our spiritual consciousness while in the physical state of incarnation. Our souls or higher selves create a personality, a vehicle that carries our consciousness around on the physical plane so we can grow through experience. Within the personality are challenges the higher self wishes to overcome or balance in this lifetime.

The key lies in your birth name, which holds the answer to problems such as abandonment issues, difficulty in voicing opinions want and desires (power issues ) or even subconscious blockages on abundance or fertility. Self worth issues, past life vows or guilt may be blocking us from achieving what we have set out to do. On the other hand, we may have things we have always felt deep down we should be doing, but we dismiss these intuitive feelings as mere day dreams or flights of fancy.

Soulplan can transform your perspective of your own life. It can help you to deal with or even dismiss negative behaviour patterns such as sexual imbalance or self destructive behaviour and affirm what you have always felt you should be doing. There are goals the higher self wishes to achieve, and there are talents the higher self brings with it to help overcome challenges and achieve these goals, which are both worldly and spiritual in nature.
Soulplan can identify the relevant energies within the personality. Even hearing about your Soulplan causes healing taking place on an unconscious level. People can go through a whole lifetime in denial of their true talents and goals, while the challenges, if unidentified, keep themmoving in circles, unaware of what is blocking them from the joy of living in harmony with their true purpose.

How i work

First I look at your birth name, as it was written on your birth certificate, to identify the challenges we are working with. The challenge is usually recognised by subconscious/higher self as soon as it is identified.

Secondly, a life story then starts to unveil itself, and a clear pattern emerges. This clear pattern is the challenge we are working with .

Next we look at your talents and goals, and through looking at these a soul purpose emerges; basically your essence broken down into energy form.

In the case of people who are seeking answers, or who have reached a crossroads, the Soulplan reading can be transformational. Working with your challenges is the key to finding personal happiness and fulfilment. As is often the case in life, once we have a new perspective it is impossible to reconnect with the old perspective, we move on, and like a snake, we shed the old skin as it no longer serves us .


Some Soulplans just need to be read, heard and acknowledged by the subconscious, others may need intervention such as vow breaking. Vows from past lives can block us on a subconscious level, presenting as low self esteem or feelings of unworthiness. Some challenges are about balance, so acknowledgement of your spiritual side in balance with the physical is required. I work with these energies in different ways: ,

  1. I channel an invocation. This is like a key which allows the challenge to unlock itself. It also allows the mind to let go of the energy that is holding the challenge (recognition changes perspective);
  1. There may be certain residual energy left in the physical body from challenges e.g. nightmares; dizziness; fatigue or feelings of separation or disconnection. It is possible to change these energies with grounding work, spiritual counselling and forgiveness invocations.
  1. Once we have identified the energy we are working with, if appropriate, I can offer energy healing to release fear and trauma. If we have identified missing Soul parts, I can offer Soul retrieval work.